Welded Structures Foundation


Welded Structures Foundation (Limited)

The Cooperative Research Centre for Materials Welding and Joining and its Sucessor; the CRC for Welded Structures were established and supported by the Australian Government for 14 years from 1994. During this time the collaborative research in welding and joining made a significant contribution to industrial productivity as well as generating several spin off technologies which are in the process of being commercialised.

In 2006 the participants of the CRCWS agreed to establish a foundation to be known as the “Welded Structures Foundation” which will continue to work in the areas which were of interest to CRCWS

Membership of the Welded Structures Foundation is limited to those organisations that were participants of the CRCWS, all of whom are entitled to become Members of the Welded Structures Foundation by submitting an application in the prescribed form.
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